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It’s the small print for everybody’s safety, please read this.

By signing as a participant for any activity you have read and agreed to these conditions:

Fairlop Outdoor Activity Centre provides skilled staff and correct equipment for you to enjoy the activities safely, however, it is important that you are aware that outdoor activities by their very nature can be hazardous and that by taking part you expose yourself to higher levels of risk than some other sports.

If you have difficulty in understanding the information below or anything an Instructor says while you are onsite, please ask for clarification. By its nature the site and environs may have often changing risks associated with boats being moved and maintained. Please be careful on and around the site.

Buoyancy aids must be worn by all afloat, correctly fastened and fitted outside of any other clothing.

In the event of capsize and being unable to right the craft, crew must stay with their boat (any craft) and await rescue.
All equipment must be used with care; Please avoid collisions 

In the event of going aground while sailing, sails must be let out, centre-plate pulled up, rudder off and crew to stay in the boat.

Please keep in mind that the centre is used by children and families, please refrain from any inappropriate behavior or language.

Please be cautious when walking around the centre i.e. no running due to trip and other hazards.

Please do not attempt any activity under the influence of Alcohol

Footwear must not be slip on or Wellingtons. You may not use open-toe shoes or sandals.

Generally, please keep hands inside boats , don’t be tempted to ‘fend off’ with hands.

If you are under instruction, please stay with the group and do not embark/return unless your instructor says otherwise.

Swimming is not permitted.

Please wear clothing appropriate for the weather and activity as instructed.

The lake water contains bacteria, therefore eating/drinking is not allowed while afloat, and cuts and wounds should be covered before going on the water.  We also suggest that you wash off lake water at the end of a session.

Lifting/moving heavy objects should be done with care, with the assistance of an instructor.

Jewellery should not be worn, especially necklaces and earrings due to safety risk. (entanglement)

Spectacles or other personal aids should be attached to prevent loss.

Please inform instructors immediately if you are injured, cold or if equipment is damaged in any way.

Please inform instructor if you are undergoing medical treatment.

Lockers are available free of charge for any valuables you have onsite, however lost keys are charged at £15 per key.

Photography is not allowed without permission from the Senior Instructor in charge.




Bring a PACKED LUNCH IF NECESSARY. Only snacks and drinks are available onsite

Fairlop Outdoor Activity Centre WILL PROVIDE ALL SPECIALIST EOUIPMENT AS Required

All instructors are qualified First Aiders

This is a no smoking, no alcohol site.

Sorry - Dogs ( except guide dogs) are not allowed on site

In the event of emergencies the Senior Instructor in Charge may evacuate the centre and/or the lake. Please follow instructions and muster at the muster point given at the time (this maybe at Fairlop Waters, west end of the lake)

Activities are sometimes cut short or ended early due to weather conditions or other factors, please co-operate with the instructor giving directions at the time.

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