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Whether you want us to provide a development programme, one off taster session or a multi activity day; FOAC can help. To see what activites are available please read below.

We have experienced and friendly staff that can provide assistance on GCSE Modules, BTEC sport courses, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Scout badges and more. Why not get in contact to see how we can help with your requirements?


Our staff are experienced in working with people with a variety of needs. We have found we can adapt our activities to ensure almost anyone can take part. We have a selection of specialist accessible craft available. Please get in contact for more details.

Fairlop Outdoor Activity Centre is part of the RYA sailability scheme which encourage and support people with disabilities to take up the sport and facilitate sites to develop sailing opportunities  020 8500 1468


Raft Building


An excellent session for working on a group’s planning and teamwork skills. Help design and build your team’s raft out of the barrels, logs and ropes provided, thenattempt paddle it around a course. If you get it wrong you will get wet!  An ideal session for school/college induction days or company team build events. Also available to book as an activity for a birthday party.

Sessions can be catered to your group’s abilities and objectives for the day, with our staff taking the lead in design and build or simply providing the safety brief and rescue cover on the water.

Minimum session length 1.5 hours   Maximum number of participants (subject to availability) 80




Using a double ended paddle, learn to manoeuvre these craft. Although we have a few 2 person kayaks, students generally have control of their own boat. This allows a lot of scope for improving their individual skills as well as plenty of opportunity for games. A great sport with a lot of potential for developing students over a regular weekly programme or just a lot of fun as a one off activity or birthday party.

Minimum session length 1 hour     Maximum number of participants (subject to availability) 30


Open Canoeing

These Native American style canoes are generally more stable and dryer than the kayaks (though accidents do happen!). Normally paddled as a pair, students need to quickly develop their communication skills to get their boats moving in the right direction. Weekly programmes can be designed to build on teamwork and confidence as well as fitting in with a more skill based PE curriculum.

Minimum session length 1 hour    Maximum number of participants (subject to availability) 30


Bell Boating

Two oversized canoes joined with a deck down the middle. Seating up to 12 paddlers in one boat, with the instructor on board, the uncapsizable boats are a great way of introducing the less physically able or less confident students to paddling. They also make a good, safe platform for more confident people to play some very wet games on the water. Ideal as a one off activity or birthday party.

Minimum session length 1 hour    Maximum number of participants (subject to availability) 30


Low level climbing problems on Fairlop’s purpose made climbing boulders. Sessions consist of a warm up, basic instruction on climbing movement and techniques with games, challenges and competitions according to ability.

Minimum session length 1 hour     Maximum number of participants 10


Use our maps and your navigation skills to find the control points around the country park. With 20 points covering a vast area, you can easily spend a whole morning or afternoon on this activity. For the younger or more time pressured groups, shorter coursescan be created. Our staff can either give you the bare basics of navigating with the maps or teach detailed navigation techniques including compass work (potential spreading in to a multi session programme).

Minimum Session length 1 hour    Maximum participants 50

Dinghy Sailing

Our fleet of incredibly stable teaching dinghies, the seaways, are perfect for introducing people to the sport of sailing. Working in groups of twos  or threes helps young people to learn about the importance of teamwork in what can be an exciting environment. Although not impossible, these boats very rarely capsize so it is unlikely pupils will be falling in. The very stable hull and ability to have very small sails means we should get out on the water in all but the highest wind conditions. Over a weekly programme students should learn the basics of controlling a boat and quite a lot about the importance of following instructions and working together as a team.

For more advanced or more adventurous groups, we have a selection of faster and less stable single hander boats available.

Minimum Session Length 1.5 hours   Maximum participants (subject to availability): 30

Bradwell Sailing

Our 10 man ketch is a great way of getting a whole group on the water in one boat with the instructor. Ideal for more nervous or less able groups. Just because the instructor is in the boat doesn’t mean you’re just a passenger! All participants will be encouraged to help sail the boat.

Minimum session length: 1 hour    Maximum participants: 10  

Please contact us for further information or download our Booking Form.

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