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1• No parents/spectators are permitted onto poolside. Please spectate from
the viewing gallery. Parents for ducklings’ classes will only be permitted onto
poolside at the Teacher’s discretion.
2• All pupils will be required to wear the appropriate coloured Swim Vision hat,
provided by the Teacher on their first lesson. Failure to do so may result in the
pupil being refused entry. If your current hat splits you must hand it in to your
Teacher who will then replace it. Replacements will NOT be made for lost
hats; a new one can be purchased at reception.
3• Lessons are 25 minutes water time unless stated. Please remain at the centre
for the duration of your child’s lesson.
4• Pupils more than 5 minutes late for their lesson may be refused entry, a
decision will be made at the discretion of the Swimming Teacher in attendance
at the time of the lesson. Swimming before or after your lesson is not
permitted without the appropriate payment for a public swim at reception.
5• Appropriate swimwear must be worn for each lesson, failure to do so
may result in your child being refused entry to the lesson.
Boys Swimwear:
Swimming shorts/trunks that are made of light material (not cotton, normally polyester), above the knee with no pockets whatsoever.
Girls Swimwear:
One piece swimsuits for girls. Suits such as “Burkinis”covering arms/legs are
permitted providing they are purpose made and of swimsuit material. NO
6• Jewellery, accessories and any other embellishments of any type worn on the
body are not permitted to be worn for the safety of all children. These must be
removed prior to the start of the lesson. In the instance of a religious bangle
which cannot be removed, it must be either covered with a sweat band or
covered over with waterproof surgical tape to ensure that it cannot move up
and down the wrist and does not pose a risk to the swimmer or fellow
7• Please do not leave any clothes/possessions in the changing cubicles. Use
the lockers provided. Any unattended items will be removed and placed in lost property.
8• From time to time we will be running Swimming Teachers courses. Any
classes taught under these conditions will be under the close supervision of
the course tutor and Swim Vision Teacher
9• Due to occasional galas, lessons will be cancelled. Subscriptions will not be
deducted in respect of these classes from those on 10 session plans.
10• One to One lessons- When demand is high, you will only be permitted to
take 10 lessons prior to moving on to group lessons. One to One lessons do
not take place in any exclusive part of the pool.
11• No refunds will be given under any circumstances.
12• 10-week subscriptions are for 10 consecutive lessons, no refunds or credits
will be made for missed lessons.
13• Direct Debit lessons are subject to one months’ notice before cancellation.
Cancellation must be made in writing to
14•Lessons will only be credited in the case of non attendance due to medical circumstances. Proof will be required within the first seven days of absence in the form of a doctor’s or hospital letter.

Each case will be judged individually. As a gesture of good will Vision may then hold the place for up to six weeks without loss of subscriptions. Any lessons after that period will need to be paid for to maintain the same time and day.

Please contact the Swim Vision Co-ordinator in these circumstances.
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