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Redbridge Cycling Centre
Child Admission Policy &
Code Of Conduct

Child Admission Policy

For Children to use the road or mountain bike tracks they must be accompanied by the following ratios of adult to child:

  • Under 8 years of age = 1 adult to 1 child
  • 8 to 11 years = 1 adult to 2 children
  • 12 to 16 years = Children can ride un-accompanied
  • 16 years plus = classed as adult


Children must be capable of riding without stabilisers to use the circuit.

Safety Information

Bicycle helmets must be worn at
all times on the circuit.

  • Please ride only in the direction of routes shown throughout the circuit.
  • Keep left and overtake on the right. Make riders ahead aware that you are overtaking by calling that you are overtaking.
  • Be aware on junctions with other tracks.

Before riding the circuit check out what's there:
  • Look before you leap
  • Be courteous and respect others
  • If in doubt don't do it!
  • Do not stray from marked paths


Wear a helmet and gloves. Body armour strongly advised on the BMX track,
'Pump Track' and the descent.

Ensure you bike is in good working order and suitable for
the track you are riding.

Always ride within your ability and stay in control.

Respect other riders. Look out for them and give them
plenty of space. Riders ahead of you have right of way.

Please practice sections but do not walk, ride or push your bikes back up the mountain bike track - use the climbs or push up paths.

Spot a fault on the trails or circuit? Please report it at reception in the

- Take your litter home. Help keep the place looking good.

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